Tuesday, January 13, 2009

May I Have A Drum Roll Please!!!!!

Well As promised I got Jackson to draw a name from all those that had posted to my blog!
I waited til evening to have Jackson draw out the name for me. What was I thinking! Perhaps some of you might relate to this..... Jackson is a sweet little boy, he is into shooting things as in using inanimate objects as a gun. He will use a clothes pin, his finger, a spoon he happens to be eating with, he even used the dogs tail this evening. :\ What can I say, there wasn't anything else at hand right then and there. Cody,(Codiac the Mainac, or Codyody, the poor dog answers to all of these)........happened to be standing there in the same space and time as Jackson. Jackson was trying to talk to me, Cody wanted my attention too and they both ganged up on me. Cody was barking and Jackson was gibbering something about an ice cream sandwich and I was trying to get supper on the table, Ashley was at work(if your wondering where his mother was) this was very frustrating to a little boy of five who happened to be hungry and was vying with a big dog for his La La's attention. So whilst Cody's back was turned to him , Jackson grabbed his tail and all the sudden the tail became a weapon! he turned Cody's own tail on him and just up and shot him! Jackson said "now then, I guess you'll be quiet while I am talking". I didn't know whether to laugh or be dismayed! Cody was offended and slunk off to my room. Having opposable thumbs is definitely an advantage.
Supper(as we call it here at our house) was finally ready, everyone ate and those who finished their supper and could show a good amount of empty plate to prove it, got an ice cream sandwich. Full tummies and chocolate faces and hands then needed to head up to the bath for clean up and teeth brushing and hair combing (sorta) No P.Js tonight though, it was too warm for this little one. He decided to just sleep in his "underwears" so off he goes to watch a Ben 10 dvd while his Mother takes a bath and LaLa's speaks with Poppy for a few minutes. So Poppy asks who won the snowman plate? I said "What?, ...snowman plate..... !!!! SHOOT!!!" so off I run up the stairs( what a sight glad you weren't here) grab the camera and zip into Ash's room and get Jackson to pull a paper strip out with a name on it for the drawing. By this time he is into Ben 10 and wants nothing to do with the drawing.... Jackson PAALLEEEZZEEE ..... he gives me this sideways glance out of his eyes and very quietly but fast pulls out a strip. Now he is all giggly and I have to take his picture while he fidgets in the bed but finally I get him to show me the name on the strip and I snap a pic. The drawing is done, the winner is.......VICKI!!!! YaY VICKI!!! Thank you for taking the time to visit and post to me about it :) I'll be sending you your snowman tray right away! I wonder if Ed McMahon and the Publisher's Clearing House had this much trouble with their drawing?

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  1. OMGosh, I can't believe I'm the winner! Thanks so much Jeanie and Jackson! Awesome prize!
    Hugs, Vicki