Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of JULY!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friieennnddss You gotta Have Friehehends!!

Does anyone else know that song? You Gotta Have Friends? O well, just fake it and nod your heads. Now lets get on with this post!
One of my friends KimLance by name has encouraged me to blog, some people think I'm funny I don't know why, they are obviously very sheltered people. ANYWAY! she listed MY blog on HER blog so now I feel like I must attempt to make this blogging thing work, lest I make one of my peeps look like a lame o , we can not have that. Kim is anything but lame o. Remember that turn of phrase? that was before the LOOSER with an L sign held to the forehead LOL. ANYWAY Kim is a very sweet person, kinda like a motorcycle chickie with out the motor cycle or foul mouth. So Kim here it is my second post!!! :)You can read Kim's blog here Kim is one of those people that will talk all night with you back and fourth on the computeer and giggle and laugh and listen to you , I hope I return the favor.

Now as to my other friends, one of them anyway, here where I live, in the real world not cyber world, one Nancy Jane to be specific.,yesterday much to my shock, chagrin, fustration, and well you see how it goes..... I learned that Nancy will be moving. AWAY!. As in NOT HERE! I have known her forever it seems. We used to live down the street and I could walk to her home and vice versa. She bakes the most wonderfulest birthday cakes. She remembers if you talk about a cake and BAMO! there it is on your birthday waiting to send you in to a sugar coma. What a way to go.
Nancy and her Hubby Doug are the kind of people that you met in High School as the "Football Jock, and the Most Popular Girl. and everything that entails. Blondes, bubbly, smart,........yeah I know it makes your teeth hurt but it's all true. They are blessed. I hear lots of wisdom come from this barely 5ft2 person and she listens. Ahhh she listens. Even if she is doesn't have time.
I tell her all the time she is a blessing, she still doesn't beleive me . I've seen her without make up, yep I have, And all women know that if you see a girl friend with out make up, its the same as saving someones life , they are your responsibility for life. If they run out of gas, they can call you. If they get locked out of thier house, they can call you. If thier computer crashes , they can call you. Ok Ok she has never run out of gas (that I know of) and never gotten locked out of her house (that I know of) but her computer has refused to do what she or Doug wants it to , thus they called me to help. LOL LOL LOL They are so naieve that way.

I don't know what I will do when she is in another town, where I can't see her everyday, if we choose. Have lunch, play tennis, attend church................... all those things we have done together at one time or another. Now, not so much. I worry that we will loose touch, that we will feel awkward when together, living out of sync with one another. It is the end of an era, I don't like it.
I don't like change. I change only when they drag me kicking and screaming into change. DARN IT !!! But I will support her and even help her move, tell her how wonderful it is all going to be. Lie through my teeth. Anything to help get her through this. I am determined to be a friend.
Friends you gotta have Friends.