Saturday, March 28, 2009


O my goodness! I have let my blog go, I have been so busy, my daughter had a wreck in her car so I have been driving her to work and Jackson to school then back to school to pick him up and on good days we hang out at the park playground til time to pick my daughter up and then we get home about 7:30pm and get there just in time to feed Jackson and go to bed and start all over the next day!!

It was so good to come HOME on those days, I was weary and so were Ash and Jackson. I don't know how people do it that do this on a daily basis and this is just the way thier lives are. Thank God that we are blessed with more than one car "most" of the time.

It was always good to see the lights of home as we came home everyday , to eat and rest. On the days that I remembered to put something in the crock pot we had nice soup or something similar to eat when we got home. Soup was so good on those cold blustery days.

We could smell the soup cooking as we came through the door, all three of us would sigh and the business of the day fell away. David would show up and we could all eat and then speak of the days events.

For Ashley it was her new job and all that it entailed, for David it was the same plus errand or things he would ask me to do, and for Jackson it would be what happened on the play ground and what did he have for lunch that day. For me , I was content to set and listen to my family talk and share the day with each other.

Our home is warm, safe, clean and dry. Our pets wait for us at the door, we have enough food and drink to satisfy our hunger and thirst. We have each other to Love and laugh with and sometimes cry with. Our Home, a place to lay our tired bodies and rest to say our prayers and speak to God, a place to gather and just to be HOME.

I hope that all of you are Home, wheter it be in your heart, or in a physical place, God bless.

And speaking of Home, I was in a swap called The Glass House Swap, Tina of Paper sponsered it and put the swap together. There were 10 of us that agreed to participate. This was a soldered glass house , we cut and soldered a collage that said home to us. Some were funny, some were sweet, some were pretty. They were all Homes though. Here is my little house/home. I chose to to make my collage with pictures of our family, the little boy you see pictured is Jackson my grandson, who is our Hope for the future, David's Grandparents who Loved and were married and endured the depression and hard times, through it all they remained steadfast, and endured for each other and thier family. The Butterfly is for Faith, it seems so fleeting sometimes, something beyond our controll happens and our faith may waver and seem fragile, but as we turn our eyes to God, our faith is shored up and it enables us to rise above, as a butterfly lightly and beautifully flies above what would bring us down and destroy our family. These are things that our Home is made of, Hope,Faith,and Love