Friday, June 20, 2008

Well I've Done it Now!!

I have jumped in with no fore thought or planning. You will find if you visit here often that this is the case with a lot of things I do! No it's not spontaneity it's just impatience! This trait has gotten me into trouble many many many........OK you get the idea. And No I am not going to lay out all my past tomfoolery so that you can judge for yourself, like I need that on the World Wide Web! I have sisters, anytime I want to remember the dumb things I have done all I have to do is stand before them, they willingly and happily relate these tales. Not just to me but to all and sundry who will stand still enough to listen.

Lest you think my sisters are unfeeling, people that delight in my mistakes, I will tell you now they are not, it's just that most of the time they were right in there with me, so it's kinda like reliving their own lives at the same time, of course the person they are telling(usually various nieces and nephews long lost cousins)is not privy to this fact. Aunt Jeanie(myself) is hilarious, and is afraid of getting lost, does not , DOES NOT like lizards..................they all know these things by heart. My sisters tell them.

I'm not telling my sisters about this blog yet. It might be a place to get back some of my own you know? I can tell lots of people before they get to them , dumb things they have done. Not just when they were kids either. Hey this blog business is looking up! :)

I'll start by telling you instead of my mistakes some of the things that make me happy and that I love to do.

I love to craft, mainly paint. I have been painting for years and started tole painting way back when with oil paints. I am game for just about anything though, and that includes sewing(craft sewing) scrapping, altered art, soldering and I have actually done a whole punch needle project and finished it! It was a pattern by Teresa Scharp, taught by her at a primitive gathering. I have also done some needle felting, which is fun and like painting with wool to me.

The other things I like to do are family oriented, I have been married for 33 years now to a wonderful guy, David. We have one daughter, Ashley who is now *gasp* 25! Ashley is the mother of my only grandchild Jackson (4yrs)whom I love dearly and is the light of my life. He calls me LaLa, he and Ashley live with us for now. I dread the day when it comes , that they move out on their own and have a home of their own but I know it's coming and am trying to steel myself. For now though we have little boy debris everywhere, there is no room that he has not put his print on. Swords are his passion right now.

This home or this family has always had pets, right now we have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 flying squirrels. Yes flying squirrels. I know rats with wings. They are cute in a ratzy sort of way, my daily dilemma right now if finding something for them to eat that they won't throw out of their cage in disgust. I find something they like and thing voila! two days later it is old hat and out on the floor it goes never to be eaten again or at least for a long long time. I spend more time shopping for food for them than I do the people in our house!! They chatter incessantly at me at night as if to say "hey you! we need REAL food not this ANIMAL food!" they rattle the cage and fly around, if they could get out it would not bode well for me late at night. They sleep in the day time, it's safe in the kitchen in the daylight!

Well enough with the introductions, I will think on this and try to post something interesting so as to lure, um I mean entice you to come back and see what I am up to , and shamelessly promote my friends blogs and projects they are up to :) Hey isn't this what blogger land is all about?