Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Shoes! Mama's gotta have some shoes!!

Well I do! I love shoes, but I can rarely make up my mind what kind I want so more often than not I go home with out shoes. :( Are any of you like that out there? FESS UP! You drive the shoe salesman crazy just like me.

I am not the worst however, that would be reserved for my daughter Ashley :) She is a shoe feind. Not just nice shoes , she likes those "Catch me if you can" shoes, you know the ones, the ones that the woman in the movie wears? The one that is being chased by some Murderous feind that has a knife or is just plain creepy, nightmare creepy! She runs looking back , IN HIGH HEELS!!!!!!!

Who does that!? Men write these scripts I know it. I mean it wouldn't do for the delectable morsel to actually get away would it? NO! So she runs forward , looking backward, in high heels that make her stumble and fall etc.... I yell at the movies, (you do too, do not deny it!) TAKE OFF THE SHOES AND RUN!!!!!!!!! Throw them away and RUN! don't carry them with you! If the monster gets you , you can't wear them anyway!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course Ashley would be one of those women running , WITH the high heels ON. If she took them off she would carry them with her or put them in her pockets(she never carries a purse) If the Monster caught her she would then turn and beat him to a bloody pulp with the high heels , thus making him rue the day he chose to chase her ,in her spiffy high heels. She would. Hmmmmmmm... maybe I'll wear high heels more often. They do make your legs look good....

O well here are some high heels I made for a Tea. They were so cute and I had seen them made up and was just dying to make some. My sister Sandra gave me the perfect excuse. The Christmas Tea!! Here is a picture of them. Not a good picture I know. I will do better in future blogginess I promise, for now suffer and just look at the picture.

Here is where you will find the pattern for these little paper shoes, There are a lot more examples out there , most using her pattern but I will let you find the links yourself, you'll have fun searching and looking :) Hey I can't do all the work for you!

Fill these little elf size shoes up with candy/chocolates etc... for a girls get together, young or old. I sat them at the place settings filled with candies for our tea.

They were a big hit with the table of ladies setting next to us in the tea room, one of the ladies especially like them, so we handed one over to her , and she was delighted. Sorry ladies that I didn't have enough to go around. I have a feeling I would have been handing them out all over the tea room if that had been the case.

There is a delightful shoe using this pattern that is made with velum and looks like Cinderella's shoe , so cute!!!! Witches shoes made in black, etc.... I'm tellin ya, you need to make these. O and wedding shower favors! The list goes on and on...............

I found that card stock is the best for the outside and then to line them if you must use a patterned paper, it doesn't have to be thick. I used my tape runner and bits of ribbon to match the papers I had and whatever thingamabobs I had already on hand to accent them with. FUN FUN FUN. So if you like shoes try these out, design to your hearts content and save your real money for you know unfun stuff, like electric bills, gas bills, school tuition *sigh*

A good way to live out your shoe fantasies! :)


  1. Tracey - This is the FIRST TIME I've visited your blog, and it's AWESOME! Those are the cutest shoes ever! Did you fill them with treats when you gave them to your friends? I hope I have an excuse to make them someday.

  2. These are so cute. I'm going to check out the site. Great favors even for a girls birthday party
    Love your blog

  3. Love your blog...those shoes are great.


  4. Awesome Blog !!!!I love those shoes !!!


  5. i love these shoes and would like to make them for the aides at our local nursing home . however when i try to print the pattern she gives it will only print the 50% can someone help me get this pattern normal size please


  6. Love these!!
    Girls can print the pattern full size from here...

  7. Tracey Love the shoe story!!! I dont go shoe crazy at all but i love our little paper ones DARLING!!
    Have a happy wed!!

  8. Love those shoes! I work at our community library and I think I could get a bunch of teenage girls interested in making them as an after school activity. Thanks so much!

  9. Great blog and I love those shoes! Too cute!

  10. great blog tracey! you are just as pretty outside as inside!